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Flash meet-up!

Anyone want to let meet up in NYC this weekend?

Can I get a quick Boston area head count?

Stay safe you guys.


Luthe/Dopamine = OTP!

It is amazing how much of a difference 100mg of Wellbutrin makes. I've gone from doing nothing but playing endless games of Angry Birds Star Wars to actually applying for jobs and writing cover letters and things. My sleep schedule is still a bit fucked, but I'll take it if it means shit gets done around here.

Now, if only Trenton would get back to me...

Apr. 1st, 2013

Between the "the whole family had.gone on vacation and you forgot to pack" dream and the "why yes, your Masters' degree is nice but you still have one more semester of Bryn Mawr to finish" dream, I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

(And yet, I'm still tired.)

Five things make a post

Ok, yes, I am bad at updating. Still! Update!

1. I am still currently awaiting news from the City of Trenton re: a job. I'm sending out other applications in the meantime, but I really want this damn job.

2. I had to switch my car registration to CT. Taking the New Jersey plates off my car made me a sad panda.

3. My APRN and I are playing around with my Wellbutrin dosage. Turns out more dopamine makes a huge difference in my energy and productivity levels. I wish I could tell my 19 year-old self that.

4. I have rediscovered this strange tradition of consuming media through means other than the Internet. Mostly because my dad's Blu-Ray player has Netflix. Any recs for classic movies I probably haven't seen?

5. Speaking of rediscovery, talking to friends on the phone is amazing. I should do it more often.


Mar. 19th, 2013

I feel like being a Bitchy Old Lady of fandom tonight, but my favorite partner in bitching is not online and I'm not sure who I can bitch to in my new fandom without being seen as Mean Girl.

Also, the JournalFen is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Fandom Wank by being down. The server is robust.

Le sigh.

Sherlock Summary Executions! (short edition

1. Some drabbles of Sherlock's life. It's the same 'verse as "Mummy Holmes at Backer Street". I just decided to type bits out. I hope you like it

2. 15 year old detective, Evelyn, moves to London from the USA with her family. Little does she know, competition lives right up stairs... Rated T just to be safe. This summary makes the story sound drab. Which it might be. Personally I think its awesome, but that might be because I wrote it.

3. Let's take a trip into the strange world of what I'd like to call 'Sherlocks' brain'. My first, so be nice.

3. Jim has amnesia, and thinks he's Richard Brook. Sebastian is his career. Drabbles from their life.

4. A feeling of happiness. Great sorrow, grief or anguish. To remain in a state of repose until something expected happens. These are just a few of my thoughts about this show. (not a story, more of an opinion piece, but descriptive.)

5. Featuring Cat!Jim. The story in which Sherlock and John turn Jim into a cat, much to his displeasure. I don't know where I'm going with this story, so the only thing I can promise is that the story is 100x better than the summary (aren't they always) If you thing Jim is cute, and cats are cute, read on!

6. Yes. Drabbles. The horrible, horrible drabbles. Each with a letter of the alphabet. Each about two of our favorite characters on Sherlock. Slash SherlockxJohn/ Rated for suggestive but nothing explicit.

7. a retelling of the beauty and the beast. Will be Slash. i repeat very tame Slash ahead.

8. "Well, when I'm dealing with a child..." Sherlock's on the trail of a mad scientist when (Horror of horrors) he and his arch nemisis Moriarty get turned into toddlers! Caution: Excessive cuteness and good feels, reader beware!

9. My eyes flutter as i hear the loud creaking sound of the steel door opening, very slowly. I clench my dirty fist as he walks all around me. He's the predator and i'm his prey. It's all a little game to him, since he doesn't have my father anymore, yes, i know he forced father to kill himself for my sake. Moriarty, the spider, my predator. Rated M for Sex, rape and torture

10. A poem, i think. After series 2

Mar. 12th, 2013

It says something that I can judge exactly how well my meds are working by whether porn makes me cry or not.


Adventures in awkward and depressed

I have reached that stage where you don't want to deal with chat, fic is boring (horrors, I know!), games are lonely, and I so don't want to be *gasp* productive.

This means chat is my best option (it being too late to go out and interact with other humans). But chat involves having things to talk about, which I do not, and the nerve to bother other people, which I do not like to do.

It takes skills to be this socially awkward on the Internet.


Ask the Internet!

Two queries:

1. Recommendations for a good, reasonably priced tattoo artist located somewhere along the Fairfield County to Philly axis. I have a design already, I just need it applied. Also, it would heal in a week, right?

2. I'm currently in a "I don't like green food" stage. Suggestions for vegetable recipes to tempt the extremely picky?


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